Select Paintball and Airsoft Field Rules

Keep your goggles on at all times while on the playing field or chronograph area. Do not lift them for any reason.

Barrel blocking devices must be on your barrel at any time that you are not on the playing field. Barrel plugs are not permitted.

Only discharge your paintball marker or airsoft rifle on the playing field or at the target range.

Do not dry fire your marker in the staging area

No shooting at officials or animals

If you happen to sneak up on a player, offer them the chance to surrender before discharging your marker

Please notify the staff if you have any health issues that may affect you while playing (like asthma or allergies)

Alcohol and other drugs are not permitted. If you appear to be under the influence you will be asked to leave without a refund.

Games will begin and end with the blast of an air horn or whistle and countdown by the official

Treat your marker as though it is always loaded and ready to fire  

10 foot mercy rule

 Field only paint

Paintball must break on your person or marker in order to count, large amounts of splatter size of a quarter counts as well

All markers must be chronographed before entering the field. Field speed is 280fps for paintball and 400 fps for airsoft rifles. 450 for snipers with .20 bbs

No blind firing - you must be able to see your target

If at any time you require first aid or assistance, please notify a staff member and they will help you out. (yes this is a rule)


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